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La Mav

La Mav Day & Night Creme Pack

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$50.00 NZD
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$90.00 NZD
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$50.00 NZD

These hard to resist Bundle Offers have been designed with our popular fast moving products making it easy for you and your wallet.

We can't emphasise the importance of a good moisturiser for day and night. We have taken the hassle out by putting this Day & Night Bundle together. Simply choose this bundle and get your dose of a day & night cremes.

Available in:

  • Wrinkle Smoothing: includes La Mav's Bio-VA5 Day Moisturiser 50ml and the Omega-3 Night Creme 50ml
  • Ultra Hydration: includes La Mav's Hyaluronan Daily Moisturiser 50ml and the Omega-3 Night Creme 50ml
  • Brightening: includes La Mav's Rumex Advance Lightening Cream 50ml and the Omega-3 Night Creme 50ml


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