How to Choose Self-Tanning Products

How to Choose Self-Tanning Products

This month, our Beauty Experts and Industry Specialists would like to provide insider advice on how to choose the perfect formula for your skin type and desired shade of bronze.

Self-Tan Dry Oil

If your skin tends to be on the drier side and a natural sun-kissed look is your signature - enter, Self-Tan Dry Oil. Relatively new to the sunless tanning game, dry oil formulations have an abundance of benefits for your skin, in addition to a light, sun-kissed tan.

Ingredients in La Mav's NEW Self-Tan Dry Oil include Magnesium, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Green Tea Extract to nourish skin and extend the life of your tan, ensuring you look as amazing as you feel, in as little as four hours. This unique formulation serves our gal pals who crave a luxurious formula that provides a boost of colour, with no staining, no fuss, no smell, no drying time – and no wash-off required.

If you are on a time limit, crave deep skin hydration, and love a sexy sheen, La Mav's Self-Tan Dry Oil is the answer to your prayers!

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Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Seen as the ‘gateway’ product to fully-fledged self-tan addiction (we promise it’s legal!), gradual tanning moisturisers have become every girl’s secret weapon due to their versatility and range of additional skin benefits. With low DHA, these body moisturisers can be applied as a one-off or daily to build your tan from a light to medium depth.

La Mav’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is available in Light and Medium, ensuring whether you are a fair, medium or dark skin tone, you can still achieve the perfect colour. The blend also contains Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Cranberry Extract and Green Tea Extract to ensure your skin is left soft and supple, in addition to providing a beautiful bronze glow. These formulations are extremely simple to use and basically fool-proof, with limited capacity to streak or turn an undesired colour (hint: it may be a lighter product but make sure you wash your hands immediately following application to prevent any staining).

If you love a boost of hydration, desire a build-able, customised tan, or are new to sunless tanning, La Mav’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is the go-to-product for you. Choose the Light shade for a hint of colour, or the Medium shade to build a deep, rich tan.

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What about your face?

No one wants a beautifully tanned face with breakouts and clogged pores - but how do you get your face to blend seamlessly with your body without heavy sunless tanning products causing these issues? Our Beauty Expert reveals a specific self-tan product for the face is needed for every golden goddess to keep skin clear and hydrated, while also providing a beautiful tan.

La Mav’s Anti-Ageing Face Tan Serum is one such product that improves the condition of your skin and achieves a beautiful, natural glow, all while fighting the signs of premature ageing, and providing deep hydration. This unique serum formulation is perfect to ensure that your transformation into a bronzed bombshell is accompanied by a clear, fresh, and glowing complexion! 

If you want the perfect solution to a clear, fresh complexion that blends seamlessly with your body, look no further than La Mav’s Anti-Ageing Face Tan Serum.

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